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Planning & Land Development

Planning and Land Development information Now LIVE!

Build Henrico will be the one-stop shop for all things Planning and Development. The development community will now be able to submit electronic plans, and review comments, all within the customer portal. Paper plans are no longer necessary for review submissions in most cases. This means less deliveries to the County and lowering your printing costs! Check out the customer portal today and get ready to move business online with Build Henrico.




Forms Checklists
Planning Application Signature Form (Each submission or resubmission requires the applicable checklist to be provided)
(must be provided with any initial application submission) Rezoning/PUP Application Checklist
Special Limited Power of Attorney (use when applicable) Clearing and Grubbing Plan Checklist
Family Subdivision Qualification Certificate Concept Plan Checklist
(must be provided with any initial family subdivision application) Final Plat Checklist (includes Subdivision Construction Plan)
Plans for Signature or Recordation Form Landscape, Lighting and Fence Plan Checklist
(must be provided with any submission of plans/plats for County signature) Minor Construction Plan Checklist
Minor Subdivision Checklist
Process Documents  POD and Site Plan Checklist (includes Minor Site Plan and Construction Plan)
Rezoning/PUP Application Process Pre-Final Subdivision Checklist
POD & Site Plan Review Process Preliminary Plat Checklist
Subdivision Review Process Subdivision Plat and Covenant Checklist
Transfer of Approval Checklist

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