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Build Henrico

Planning & Land Development – Now LIVE!

Permits, Applications, Code Enforcement and Planning submissions are MOVING ONLINE!

Henrico County is proud to introduce, an all-in-one website where residents and the development community can apply, pay for, and submit permits, upload development plans, track violation notices and more. Access these items anytime, anywhere with an internet connection.

A project this big will be brought to you in three separate Build Henrico phases, to get you acclimated to the new way of doing things, one step at a time. Follow along with us as we walk you through the creation of your own online account, help you with submitting your first development plans, and engaging with you when a complaint is submitted in regards to your community. We are here to help shape, serve and build a better Henrico one step at a time.

Explore everything Build Henrico has to offer. Log in today!

Building Permits that were entered before August 30, 2021 will reside in our Legacy Permitting System and will not be accessible online through Build Henrico. Please do not submit any associated trade permits with an existing Legacy System Permit in Build Henrico as they will not be processed online.

You will know it is an old permit by the number BLD2021-XXXXX. If you have a permit in the legacy system, you will need to request inspections by calling the Building Inspections office at 804-501-4360.

Plans of Development, Site Plan and Subdivision applications that had an original submission prior to November 14, 2023 will not be accessible online through Build Henrico. Please do not submit any associated documents with an existing legacy system application as they will not be processed online.


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