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Police Policy

Below are the publicly available police policies for the Henrico County Police Division.

2024-07-02Police Policy: Automatic License Plate Reader Police policy on the use of Automatic License Plate Readers (ALPR), management of ALPR data, and maintenance of ALPR equipment.PDF
2024-05-16Police Policy: Bias-Free Policing Police policy on bias-free policing outlining procedures, considerations, training, corrective measures and administrative review. Revised: 05/16/24PDF
2024-03-26Police Policy: Code of Conduct Establishes standards of conduct that are consistent with the values and mission of the Henrico County Police Division and are expected of all Division members. The Code of Conduct also outlines the penalties for Code of Conduct violations. PDF
2023-05-04Police Policy: Vehicular Pursuits Line procedure for initiating, participating, and terminating any vehicular pursuit. When officers engage in vehicular pursuits utilizing emergency lights and siren, they shall do so in accordance with existing statutes and this directive.PDF
2023-05-04Police Policy: Henrico County Public Schools Police policy for School Resource Officers (SROs) or officer's responding to a call for service at any public school in Henrico County.PDF
2023-03-24Police Policy: Mentally Ill Persons This policy establishes procedures for handling mentally ill persons. Division members frequently encounter persons who appear to have a mental illness and, as a result, may cause serious harm to themselves or others, or suffer serious harm due to a lack of capacity to protect themselves or to provide for their basic needs. Members of Henrico County’s Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) can be valuable in assisting members with these individuals.PDF
2023-03-22Police Policy: Personal Appearance and Grooming-Sworn Members Police policy for personal appearance and grooming standards for sworn members while on-duty.PDF
2022-12-09Police Policy: Freedom of Information Line procedure for all Freedom of Information Act requests made to any member of Henrico Police.PDF
2022-10-25Police Policy: Body Worn Cameras Henrico Police procedures for Body Worn Cameras (BWC) digital evidence system, including the management, storage, and retrieval and dissemination of BWC recordings. PDF
2022-10-05Police Policy: Voter Participation and Political Activity Police officers are a vital part of any community. As such, they should use their privilege to vote in local, statewide, and national elections. Local political activities by any police officer should be limited to preventing conflicts of interest or an infringement of the Police Division's neutrality.PDF
2022-09-21Henrico Police Policy Henrico County Police Division Policy outlines the principles by which its employees are expected to operate and establishes guidelines to enable the Division to reach its vision.PDF
2022-03-21Police Policy: Transportation of Persons in Custody This document contains pages from the Police Division's Directives manual regarding transporting persons in custody. PDF
2021-12-17Police Policy: License, Equipment, Sobriety, Info-Seeking and Diversionary Checks Line procedures for the criteria and conduct of Police members when performing licensing, equipment, sobriety, information-seeking checks and/or diversionary checkpoints. PDF
2021-10-29Police Policy: Response to Resistance Outlines the Division's policy and procedures regarding an officer's response to resistance, also known as use of force. Includes de-escalation, less-lethal and deadly force, prohibited practices, and the duty to intervene procedures. PDF
2021-07-16Police Policy: Patrol Stations and Zone Structures This policy defines the basic structure of Henrico Police patrol areas and zone structure, allowing for modifications to meet specific public-safety needs.PDF
2021-06-14Police Policy: Internal Affairs Policy, procedures and authority of the Division's Internal Affairs Unit, whose purpose is to ensure the integrity of the Police Division and protect its members from false allegations.PDF
2021-06-14Police Policy: Corrective and Disciplinary Action Establishes procedures for imposing corrective and/or disciplinary actions and ensuring due process for all Division members.PDF
2021-04-30Police Policy: Recruitment Police policy regarding how the Division is to fill vacant positions with the best qualified applicants without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, or disability.PDF
2020-07-08Police Policy: Reporting Hate Crimes Line procedure for officers who encounter an incident, act, or information which may be considered a hate crime.PDF
2020-07-08Police Policy: Strip and Body Cavity Searches Police policy on restrictions and procedures regarding strip and body cavity searches.PDF
2017-03-02Police Policy: Social Media/Networking This policy, in conjunction with Henrico County policy regarding social media, establishes guidelines for Division-sponsored social media, as well as Division members’ personal use of social media.PDF
2016-02-10Police Policy: Volunteers In Policing Program Police policy for administers of and the recruitment and screening of volunteers for the Henrico Police Volunteers in Policing Program. PDF

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