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Memorial Page for Deceased Officers

A wide view of the Henrico County Police Memorial. 10 posters with the photo of each fallen Henrico Officer is adjacent to a memorial rock bearing the name of that officer.

Henrico County dedicated this memorial statue plaza in May of 1999, to honor their police officers killed in the line of duty. The main statue, which is an officer, is a cross cultural composite of several officers from the Division of Police. The memorial also has a little girl and a dog as part of the vignette. Then, a stone with each officer’s name is placed at intervals around the plaza’s outer perimeter.

A memorial service with wreath-laying ceremony is held here annually in May during Police Memorial Week. Additionally, another wreath is placed at the memorial on the anniversary date of each officer’s death to honor his/her sacrifice.


On July 3, 1895, Henrico Police Officer John Yarbrough was shot during an attempted apprehension of a larceny suspect. He eventually died of his wounds on July 6, 1895, and he left his wife and three small children.

John Yarbrough was a Special Police Officer in Henrico County appointed by the Henrico County Circuit Court. On July 9, 1895, the Henrico Board of Supervisors offered a $100.00 reward for the apprehension of the suspect in his murder. The investigation led to two suspects who were never charged with the crime due to lack of evidence.

Officer Yarbrough is buried at the Emmanuel Cemetery located behind Emmanuel Episcopal Church on Brook Road at Wilmer Avenue.


On September 8, 1946, Officer Lewis Ray Beddow was investigating a traffic crash on Williamsburg Road, near what is now Airport Drive, when a passing motorist struck and killed him.

Lewis Ray Beddow was born May 15, 1913, in Albemarle County, Virginia. Beddow was educated in the public schools there before moving to the Richmond area.  On August 16, 1943, he became a Henrico County Police Officer.   Beddow was married on November 28, 1944, and his wife gave birth to their only child just fifteen days after his tragic death.


On December 22, 1948, Officer Welford E. Green gave his life in the line of duty. While Green attempted to mediate a domestic dispute, he was fatally wounded by a subject who fired a shotgun at close range.

Before he became a member of the Division, Green served in the United States Army.  At the time of his discharge, he was stationed in Oklahoma.  He became a police officer with Henrico County Division of Police on November 30, 1943. 


On August 14, 1966, Officer Jerry Edwin Trimmer was working Uniform Patrol when he was fatally injured in a traffic crash near the intersection of Harvie Road and Laburnum Avenue.

Jerry Edwin Trimmer was born in Richmond, Virginia, on May 4, 1940. He was educated in Henrico and Lancaster County Public Schools. While attending Highland Springs High School, Trimmer participated in both government and athletic student activities. He earned letters in four sports during his three years there  Trimmer graduated in June 1959, and in September 1959, he married his high school sweetheart.

Trimmer joined the United States Air Force in February 1960.  He received his first exposure to policing while assigned to the Security Police Detachment at McGuire Air Force Base, New Jersey; and was honorably discharged in June 1963.

Trimmer became a Henrico Police Officer on July 16, 1965.  Following his basic police training, he was assigned to Uniform Patrol.


Officer Barry Wayne Maham was fatally wounded by shotgun discharge on the morning of August 8, 1978, while talking to a female complainant regarding a domestic dispute.

Barry Wayne Maham was born April 22, 1946, in Portsmouth, Virginia.  He attended public schools in Portsmouth, the District of Columbia, Caroline County, and Norfolk, Virginia.

Maham joined the United States Army on September 30, 1963, and served until October 4, 1966, rising to the rank of E-4 before being honorably discharged.  His duty stations included Fort Hood, Texas; a one year tour in Korea; and a tour of duty at Fort Riley, Kansas.

On October 17, 1973, he was employed by the Division as a Communications Officer.  Maham became a Police Officer on June 11, 1975.  After completing the Third Basic Police Academy, he was assigned to the Burglary Enforcement Attack Team and later was assigned to Uniform Operations.


On November 8, 1984, Officer Donald A. Stillman was shot and killed in the line of duty while investigating a suspicious vehicle parked in an isolated area.  A male subject exited the vehicle, and a chase ensued into a wooded area where a struggle took place.  Stillman was shot while attempting to arrest the subject.

Stillman was born July 9, 1956, in Richmond, Virginia, and was educated in the Henrico County Public Schools.  He graduated from Varina High School in June 1974.  On September 14, 1977, he became a Henrico County Police Officer and served in the Uniform Operations Section.


On August 19, 1994, Officer John Patrick Harris was killed when his police vehicle was involved in a motor vehicle crash on Parham Road at the intersection of Fargo Road and Parham.

Harris was born on April 29, 1968, in Riverhead, New York.  He was educated in the Hampton Bays, New York public school system.  Following his graduation from high school in 1986, he attended Suffolk County Community College and the University of New York at Stony Brook where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice.

On June 2, 1993, Harris became a Henrico County Police Officer and served in the Uniform Operations Section.


On February 2, 1998, Officer William Herman “Bill” Edwards, III, was on a funeral escort detail when he was fatally injured in a traffic crash.

Edwards was born on July 13, 1947, in Detroit Michigan where he resided with his family until his father received a job-related transfer, which brought the family to Henrico County in 1953. In 1964, after graduating from high school, Edwards enlisted in the United States Navy where he served honorably until his discharge in 1968. During his tour in the Navy, he attained the rank of E-4 and served as Petty Officer. He was assigned to sea duty aboard the U.S.S. Albany for two and one-half years and the U.S.S. William W. Wood for the remainder of his enlistment.

On October 16, 1968, Edwards became a Henrico County Police Officer and served as a patrol officer. In 1977, he was assigned to the Division’s Motorcycle Squad where he remained until his untimely death. Edwards was a certified instructor who was known throughout Virginia for his expertise in defensive tactics.

Officer Edwards’ name is inscribed on the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington D.C.


On January 12, 2003, Officer André Gerard Booker responded to a “shots fired” call near the Virginia Center Commons shopping area. Booker was fatally injured when his police vehicle plunged into a deep drainage culvert that was filled with icy water as he attempted to block the suspect’s vehicle which was fleeing from a restaurant parking lot.

Booker was born on June 2, 1976, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He attended school there for a short time before his family moved to Martinsville, Virginia. He graduated from Laurel Park High School and Patrick Henry Community College, both in Martinsville.  

Booker completed the 30th Basic Police Training Academy and became a Henrico County Police Officer on August 6, 2001.


On March 30, 2022, Officer Sutton was transporting a suspect from a domestic call for service to Warrant Services. He was driving while his Field Training Officer was in the rear passenger seat. Sutton was fatally injured while traveling on Chamberlayne Ave, when his vehicle was struck on the passenger side by a motorist.  Sutton succumbed to his injuries on March 31st, 2022.

Sutton was born on March 19, 1998, in Chester, Virginia and graduated from Thomas Dale High School in 2016. Prior to joining Henrico Police, he was employed as an electrical apprentice and attended John Tyler Community College.

Sutton had graduated with the 74th Basic Police Academy in February 2022 and was currently in Field Training. He was engaged to marry his fiancée in June 2022.

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