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Services & Programs

Alarm Security System Registration – Commercial
Henrico County's Alarm Ordinance requires registration of security alarm systems for businesses and residences.
Alarm Security System Registration – Residential
Henrico County's Alarm Ordinance requires registration of security alarm systems for businesses and residences.
Alarm-False Alarm Bill Payment
Pay your bill for a false alarm fee or reinstate emergency response to your security alarm at your business or residence.
Business and Commercial Services
Henrico Police provides support to business owners through Community Officers, programs, and resources.
Business Watch Program
A working partnership between local businesses and Henrico Police, the goal of Business Watch is to reduce crime in and around the workplace as well as in the community.
Child Safety Seat Check-up
By appointment only, learn from the experts about correct child safety seat installation and more.
Child Victim Investigations: Navigating the Unthinkable
Detailed steps and information on what to expect, in general, during the course of an investigation in which a child is victimized.
Citizens and Senior Citizens Police Academy
Have you ever wondered what it's like to be the person behind the badge? Enroll in one of our Citizens Police Academies to find out!
Community Policing
Learn more about Henrico Police Community Services section, its Community Policing unit and who your community officer is.
Community Presentations
You may request an officer or crime prevention specialist to speak at or attend your next meeting or event. We offer a variety of topics and programs to choose from.
Community Resource Guide
The Community Resource Guide provides solutions to crime and quality-of-life concerns in your community.
Compliment a Henrico Police Officer/Employee
Formally compliment a Henrico Police Officer or Employee
Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
Learn how the Division applies CPTED principles to new and existing development in Henrico County to increase safety and help prevent crime.
Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)
Crisis Intervention Team is a community partnership bringing together first responders and area stakeholders for the common goals of safety, understanding, and caring for the needs of the mentally ill and their families.
Exotic Animals
In addition to the county Zoning Ordinance, Henrico follows state law regulations regarding exotic animals. These laws apply in Henrico and are subject to change.
Faith Community Coalition
The Faith Community Coalition is a crime prevention program designed for those mainly in the administrative level in Henrico's faith community, but all are welcome.
File Complaint Against Police Officer/Employee
File a formal complaint against the Henrico County Police Division, an officer or employee.
Get fingerprinted for employment or any other need dictated by law, except for Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) purposes.
Funeral Escort Request – Form
Request form - Police escort for a funeral procession.
Fuzz Buddy Program
Donate a new stuffed animal to support this program.
Henrico Police Apartment Coalition (HPAC)
The Police Division invites all multi-family housing community managers and owners to join HPAC.
Henrico Police Athletic League (PAL)
Support, join, or volunteer for this program that serves Henrico County youths in grades K-12.
Hire an Off-duty Police Officer
Request to hire an off-duty officer for your event, program, religious facility, business, traffic direction, etc.
Home or Business Security Audit
You may request a free Security Audit of your home or business to learn how to make it more secure and to prevent crime.
Intercultural Liaison Partnership
The Henrico Police Intercultural Liaison Partnership (ILP) is designed to strengthen relationships with Henrico County’s culturally-diverse communities. The Division's goal is to build trust within these communities by learning from one another and breaking down barriers. We want to ensure every member of every community knows Henrico Police is here to support them and promote their safety.
Marcus Alert Database
The Marcus alert is a voluntary database to be made available to the 9-1-1 alert system and the Marcus alert system to provide relevant mental health information and emergency contact information for appropriate response to an emergency or crisis.
Neighborhood Watch
Join Neighborhood Watch to become part of this citizen-police crime fighting partnership.
Permit – Adult Business
An Adult Business Permit is required to open an adult oriented/adults only business in Henrico County.
Permit – Block Party
If you want to hold a block party in your neighborhood, a permit is required.
Permit – Dance Hall
Dance Hall Permit Application
Permit – Parade/Marathon
Parade or Marathon Permit Application
Permit – Pawnbroker
To become a pawnbroker in Henrico County, you must meet certain requirements and get a permit.
Permit – Precious Metals and Gems Dealer
Precious Metals and Gems Dealer Permit Application
Permit – Retired Henrico Police Officer Concealed Weapons Renewal
Retired Henrico Police Officer Concealed Weapons Permit Renewal Application
Permit – Taxi
Taxi Driver Permit and/or Taxicab Owner Permit
Permit/License – Automatic Weapons
Applications must be obtained from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. The Division of Police only assists by conducting a local investigation.
Police Reports, Records and Freedom of Information Act
The Henrico Police Criminal Records Unit provides the public with a variety of police records and oversees Freedom of Information Act requests.
Police Ride-Along Program
Designed to promote a greater understanding of the police officer's role in the community, the Henrico Police Ride-Along Program is available to community members interested in working or getting involved in law enforcement.
Public Safety Cadets Program
Prepares young adults, ages 14-20 for careers and leadership in the public safety profession.
Rabies Vaccination for Domestic Animals
Have your pet vaccinated at one of our four clinics held annually.
Rape and Sexual Assault Investigations: Navigating the Unthinkable
Detailed steps and information of what to expect, in general, during the course of a rape or sexual assault investigation.
Report Criminal Fraud in Henrico
Search Arrest Charge Reports
Search the arrest reports.
Search Calls for Service Reports
Search for all Calls for Dispatch.
Search Incident Crime Reports
Find out where crimes have been reported in Henrico County.
Senior Services
The Police Division offers several services and programs to seniors to help keep them safe from becoming targets of the latest crime or scam.
Shared Mobility Device Permit
The demonstration project places certain restrictions on the operation and renting of these devices in order to ensure the safety of County residents.
Traffic Complaints
If you have complaints about motorists that speed through your neighborhood or other traffic safety issues, there are steps you can take to correct these situations.
Trespassing Enforcement Authorization
This form is used to authorize the Henrico County Police Division to serve as persons lawfully in charge of your property located in the County of Henrico for purposes of enforcing the trespassing laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the County of Henrico, Virginia and forbidding others from trespassing on your property.
U-Visa and T-Visa Certification Applications
The U-Visa and T-Visa certification applications may be certified by law enforcement for nonimmigrant status individuals who are victims of certain crimes and who are currently assisting or have previously assisted law enforcement in the investigation or prosecution of a crime, or who are likely to be helpful in the investigation or prosecution.
Victim / Witness Assistance Program
If you have been the victim of a crime or have witnessed a crime, your participation in the criminal justice process is important. The legal process, frequently long and complicated, often fails to address the unique needs of victims. However, our advocates are available to make sure that these needs are addressed.
Volunteers in Policing (VIPs)
Volunteer opportunities are available with the Police Division from administrative to motorist assistance.
Youth Police Academy
One week each summer, Henrico County students, ages 14-17, can experience what it's like to be a Henrico Police Officer in the Henrico Youth Police Academy.

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