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Because We Care Volunteer Litter Pickup Program


This program offers citizen volunteers the opportunity to become proactive in the fight against litter throughout Henrico County.

  • Volunteers can “adopt” a park, school, road (no one under the age of 18 can pick up litter on a road), or a community.
  • County signs are erected to identify adopted areas and adoptees.
  • Statistics show that volunteer participation has had a significant impact on litter countywide, resulting in the enhancement of Henrico’s natural beauty.

It’s easy to get involved. You or your family, your business, your civic group, your school club, your scout troop, can adopt an area and it costs nothing but time.

  • You agree to pick up litter four times a year for one year.
  • A simple evaluation form is submitted after each cleanup.
  • Contracts are renewable on a yearly basis.
  • KHB provides trash bags, gloves, vests (on loan), and trash pick-up if needed.


Please note: There is a two linear mile requirement for all road adoptions. Vests and cleanup evaluation form are to be returned within 7 days of your cleanup.




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