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Henrico is Going Greener! 

Stewart the turtle mascot cutout in front of the bottom of a tree trunk

One of the first initiatives of the Henrico Environmental Action Resource Team has taken off! On May 9, 2023 Henrico County announced that it has partnered with Henrico County Public Schools and Capital Trees on a reforestation program! The county plans to plant hundreds of trees in four locations: Deep Run Park, Cheswick Park, and two schools in eastern Henrico that have limited tree coverage.

The program is designed to expand to other schools and parks across Henrico’s five magisterial districts. Not only is the county receiving assistance from Capital Trees regarding which trees to plant where, they also will focus on promoting regeneration of existing trees to liven up our canopies! The program’s first plantings are expected this fall. 

Two women wearing reflective vests, one holding a folder and the other looking on.

What does this mean for us? It means more trees and more shade in our parks and schoolyards! It means being able to comfortably enjoy our public parks and educational spaces for longer on hot summer days. It means more room for animals to create their homes in the tree canopies and in the forest floor. It means creating a more climate-resilient community and improving our health, well-being and connections with one another. We can look forward to shaded summer walks, better air quality, happier wildlife and a more beautiful community! With these new and improved outdoor spaces comes new and improved states of being and opportunities to enjoy our beautiful environment! Just remember to treat these forests with respect. Be a part of what makes this county green! 

Why else is this exciting? Not only does this program open up the door to a brighter and greener future, it also provides students with opportunities to be a part of this change! Together, we can explore what reforestation is and learn firsthand about its impacts and benefits.

There is room for all of us to learn and help when it comes to the environment. With this partnership between our schools, the county, and Capital Trees comes hands-on learning experiences that will enlighten our minds while beautifying our community! Everybody learns and everybody grows– especially the trees! 

3 men looking at leaves on bushes, one man is looking at a reference book
Stewart the turtle mascot cutout in the grass with people standing  behind him looking at leaves on a tree
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