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Street Safety with WOAH!   

Stewart the turtle mascot cutout standing on pavement with a police car behind him

In an effort to make Henrico County a great place to live, work and play, the Henrico Country Police Division has partnered with Henrico County Government to keep members of the community safe as they travel from place to place. This new traffic safety campaign will have pedestrians, runners, cyclists and motorists across Henrico saying, “WOAH!”   

Watch Out Ahead Henrico (WOAH!) aims to remind citizens to stay aware of their surroundings and be proactive in preventing automotive accidents. 

H.E.A.R.T. commits to making the Henrico County community second to none by encouraging its residents to opt for greener modes of transportation which includes an increase in people using sidewalks, bike lanes and county roads.  

So, how can YOU help?   

Heart Woah 1

Drivers must obey traffic laws and slow down around cyclists, runners and pedestrians. Cyclists should be sure to wear reflective clothing and a helmet while using proper hand signals as they navigate county roads. Walkers and runners must always face traffic when sidewalks are not an option and make themselves as visible as possible. 

To assist with visibility, the Henrico County Police Division has purchased 1,000 reflective safety vests, which will be given out to the community. You can pick up one at the Henrico County Public Safety Building, Henrico Police Central Station and Henrico Police South Station. Also, keep an eye out at community events where the Community Policing Unit will be passing out these vests as well!  

Next time you’re out and about in Henrico County, remember to say “WOAH!” and be a part of what makes Henrico a greener and safer community.  

5 people at a lectern with a map poster on an easel to the side
Stewart the turtle mascot cutout in behind a group of police officers & people wear reflective vests
Stewart the turtle mascot cutout with a young girl wearing reflective vests
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