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Housing Assistance

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Each year Henrico County allocates Community Development Block Grant funds, HOME Program funds, and local County funds to for a variety of housing improvement programs and opportunities for new homeowners. The use of these funds supports the County’s overall Comprehensive Revitalization Strategy and the related programs are designed to serve a variety of purposes intended to maintain an excellent quality of life.


Maintaining Current Homeowners in Their Homes

Henrico County’s housing assistance strategy seeks to enable  current homeowners to continue living in their homes as a means of preserving affordable housing. The highest priority is assigned to assisting elderly and disabled persons. The County’s Housing Rehabilitation Program provides repairs, up to $50,000 to bring a home up to United States Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Housing Quality Standards (HQS) or Uniform Property Condition Standards (UCPS). Since the beginning of this program, the County has provided over $8 million for this purpose. This program assists seniors and disable persons with very limited incomes, and contributes to the maintenance and enhancement of the neighborhoods where these homes are located. This program is administered for the County by Project:HOMES.


Critical Home Repairs

Henrico County also provides funding for critical repairs to homes for individuals or households that meet income eligibility guidelines and is not limited to elderly or disabled persons. These repairs can provide for the repair or replacement of exterior or interior items that pose an imminent threat to the health and/or safety of persons living in the home. The cost of repairs can go up to $10,000. This program is administered for the County by project:HOMES. A program to address critical, active roof leaks is managed by Richmond Metropolitan Habitat for Humanity.


Assisting Residents to Become Homeowners

Henrico County also provides funding each year to assist low and moderate income persons to purchase their first home. Funding is provided to two non-profit agencies: Southside Community Development and Housing Corporation and Housing Opportunities Made Equal, who provide housing purchase counseling and financial assistance for downpayment and closing costs.


Assistance Program

The Department of Community Revitalization’s Assistance Program is a needs-based program that provides limited support to low-income, elderly, or permanently disabled homeowners who need help to willfully resolve a zoning or environmental code violation.  The program also provides help with minor exterior property maintenance issues.  Please note that this program does not provide any plumbing, electrical, mechanical, or structural repairs.  All work is done on the exterior of the home and in the yard.

Applicants must meet the program eligibility requirements and be able to document a physical or financial hardship.  For more information regarding how to apply, please call (804) 501-4757 to speak with one of our Community Revitalization Specialists.


View a brochure of Homeowner and Homebuyer Assistance programs.

Contact Us

Community Revitalization

Physical Address
4905 Dickens Road, Suite 200
Henrico, VA 23230

(804) 501-4757

(804) 501–7630

Mailing Address
P. O. Box 90775
Henrico, VA 23273-0775

Office Hours:
Monday to Friday
8:00 AM to 4:30 PM


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