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Archived Projects

ProjectStatusStart DateEnd DateDistrict
Audubon Drive SidewalkCompletedNovember 2022December 2022Varina  
Azalea Avenue Pedestrian and Signal Improvement ProjectCompletedOctober 2021May 2022Fairfield  
Beulah Road Infill SidewalkCompletedDecember 2020December 2020Varina  
Bremo Road ImprovementsCompleted20230201February 202320230501May 2023Brookland  
Causeway Drive SidewalkCompletedFebruary 2023June 2023Three Chopt 
Church Road Safety and Mobility ImprovementsCompletedAugust 2021September 2021Three Chopt  Tuckahoe  
Church Road Sidewalk ImprovementsCompleted20230501May 202320230701July 2023Three Chopt 
Comet Road OutfallCompletedMay 2022October 2022Three Chopt 
County-Wide RoundaboutsCompleted20230501May 202320230901September 2023Brookland   Fairfield   Three Chopt  Tuckahoe   Varina  
Dorey Park Shared Use Path, Phase IIUnderwayNovember 2020March 2021Varina  
Dunncroft / Castle Point Park Stream RestorationCompletedFebruary 2017Summer 2017Brookland  
Eastern Henrico Truck Travel StudyCompletedFairfield   Varina  
Engineered Wood Way Phase IICompletedMarch 2022September 2022Varina  
Gaskins Park & Ride LightingCompleted20230501May 202320231201December 2023Three Chopt 
Gaskins Road and Quioccasin Road Intersection ImprovementsUnderway - DesignOn HoldOn HoldTuckahoe  
Gaskins Road SidewalkUnderwayMay 2021November 2021Tuckahoe  
Gay Avenue Sidewalk ImprovementsCompleted20201101September 202120210501July 2022Varina  
Glenside Drive Sidewalk ProjectCompletedSpring 2018Fall 2018Brookland  
Horsepen Road / Glenside Drive Safety Improvements StudyStudyNANABrookland   Tuckahoe  
Horsepen Road at Three Chopt Road Right Turn Lane (TVRS Improvements)CompletedAugust 2022February 2023Tuckahoe  
Hunton Park Boulevard SidewalkCompleted20200101July 202220210801October 2022Brookland  
John Rolfe Parkway SidewalkCompletedOctober 20182018Spring 2019Tuckahoe  
John Rolfe Parkway SidewalkCompletedJuly 2021July 2022Tuckahoe  
John Rolfe Parkway Sidewalk #2CompletedMarch 2022May 2022Tuckahoe  
E. Laburnum Avenue Sidewalk ImprovementsCompleted20210501June 202220211101November 2022Fairfield  
Markel Road Traffic CalmingCompletedJanuary 2023February 2023Brookland  
Mill Road Sanitary Sewer ImprovementsCompleted20230601June 202320230801August 2023Brookland  
North Gayton Road Bike and Pedestrian ImprovementsCompleted20230801August 202320231001October 2023Three Chopt 
North Gayton Road Sidewalk ProjectCompleted20190901September 201920200101January 2020Three Chopt 
N. Parham Road Sidewalk Improvements, Phase IUnderway - Design20191101April 2021 20200101July 2021Tuckahoe  
Nuckols Road and Pouncey Tract Road SidewalkCompleted20200316March 16, 202020200801August 2020Three Chopt 
Nuckols Road Turn Lane (I-295 to Lake Brook Drive)Completed20171009October 9, 2017December 31, 2017Three Chopt 
Oakleys Lane Improvement ProjectCompleted20201101July 202120211201November 2022Fairfield   Varina  
Pump Road Sidewalk ProjectCompleted20200801July 202120201201April 2022Three Chopt 
Quioccasin Road Sidewalk ImprovementsCompleted20200412April 202020200801July 2020Tuckahoe  
Quioccasin Road and Parham Road ConstructionUnderway20170801August 201720180801August 2018Tuckahoe  
Richmond-Henrico Turnpike SidewalkCompletedSeptember 2020October 2020Fairfield  
Ridgefield Parkway Sidewalk, Phase ICompleted20200801July 202120210201December 2021Three Chopt  Tuckahoe  
Ridgefield Parkway Sidewalk, Phase IICompletedApril 2021May 2021Tuckahoe  
St. Claire Lane Sidewalk and Drainage ImprovementsCompleted20220901September 202220231101November 2023Fairfield  
Three Chopt Road SidewalkCompleted20230101January 202320230601June 2023Three Chopt  Tuckahoe  
Tuckahoe Park Stream RestorationCompleted20201201February 202120211201November 2022Three Chopt 
Turner Road and Darbytown Road Modular RoundaboutCompleted20230801August 202320231001October 2023Varina  
Winfrey Road Pedestrian ImprovementsCompleted20230701July 202320230901September 2023Brookland   Fairfield  
Wistar Road SidewalkCompletedSpring 2018Fall 2018Brookland  
Woodman Road Roundabout ProjectCompletedConstruction Start Date: March 17, 2020August 2021Brookland   Fairfield  
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