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Transportation Development

A visual for the County's Bike webpage. Picture of a bike lane.
A visual for the County's Drive webpage. Picture of a roadway with a guardrail.
A visual for the County's Transit webpage. Picture of a GRTC bus at the Willow Lawn Pulse Station.
A visual for the County's Walk webpage. Picture of a sidewalk and ADA ramp.


The Transportation Development Division’s goal is to help provide safe and convenient travel opportunities for all.  We collaborate with other County divisions and departments, along with our external stakeholders to plan, program, and deliver a wide range of projects to improve mobility and accessibility throughout Henrico County and the Richmond region.


VDOT logo

Henrico County owns and maintains over 3,500 miles of roadways; however, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) maintains the interstates and many of the primary routes within the County.  The Henrico County Department of Public Works and VDOT work in collaboration to ensure good coordination and continuity between our roadway networks.




The Transportation Development Division manages the contract with GRTC to provide local transit service, express bus service, CARE and CARE On-Demand specialized transportation. You can find out more about GRTC in Henrico County on our Ride page.





RideFinders Logo

Ridefinders is the regional ridesharing and transportation demand management (TDM) agency that works to move more commuters in fewer vehicles throughout the Central Virginia region to help improve air quality and increase the efficiency of the region’s transportation network.  The Transportation Development Division partners with Ridefinders to connect our residents to carpools and van-pool opportunities to meet their commuting needs.




The Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT) is the state agency responsible for improving and promoting mobility for the residents of Virginia. Henrico County is home to the Staples Mill Amtrak Station – the busiest passenger rail station in the Southeast.  The County is currently working with DRPT on a plan to improve this important multi-modal facility as part of the DC2RVA (Washington, D.C. to Richmond) initiative.



PlanRVA Logo

The greater Richmond region consists of nine localities, including Henrico County. PlanRVA facilitates the regional collaboration reward to collaborate.  Henrico coordinates with PlanRVA for funding, projects that span multiple jurisdictions.  You can find information about each locality on PlanRVA’s website, including Henrico.



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