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  • Bagged Leaf Collection - Curbside bagged leaf pickup will begin on November 13, 2023 and continue through February 10, 2024. Department of Public Utilities’ staff will tour each area 2 times throughout the scheduled pickup season.
  • Bulky Waste Collections - Bulky Waste Curbside Collection Services are available to any Henrico County resident through TurboHaul, Inc.
  • Curbside Recycling - Curbside recycling program offered to Henrico residents by Central Virginia Waste Management Authority (CVWMA)
  • Drop-off Recycling Centers - Drop-off recycling centers are located throughout the County at most fire stations and the public use areas at the Charles City Road and Springfield Road Landfills.
  • Event Presentation Request Form - If you are having an event and would like Keep Henrico Beautiful's Executive Director to attend, please fill out the request form and submit to us.
  • Free Mulch - Free Mulch is available at our two public use areas
  • Landlord Authorization Form - This form is to be filled out by landlords who rent to a person that is applying for water/sewer service.
  • Pay Utility Bill - The Henrico Department of Public Utilities bills customers for water and sewer services bi-monthly.
  • Portable Water Meters Application - This application will allow customers to apply for portable water meters.
  • Public Use Areas for Disposal - Henrico County operates two Public Use Areas for disposal of household trash and recyclable materials from households located in Henrico County.
  • Refuse Collections - Refuse collections is only offered to selected service areas of the County.
  • Reporting Water Main Breaks - If you suspect a water main break, please contact us.
  • Reporting Water Meter Leaks - If you suspect a water meter is leaking, please contact us.
  • Vacuum Leaf Collection - Leaf Vacuum has now ended for the season and will resume in November 2024.
  • Water, Sewer & Refuse Collection Application - Water, Sewer, and Refuse Collection services are available in different areas of the County. Refuse Collection is an optional service where available.


  • Lead Service Line Replacement Program - Henrico County is committed to providing safe drinking water to all residents. We do this by reducing the risk of lead and other metals getting into water service lines or household plumbing.
  • Organize a Litter Clean-Up - Help us with our Keep Henrico Beautiful program.
  • Unidirectional Water Main Flushing - Water main flushing is needed to maintain high water quality in the water distribution system by the removal of accumulated sediment from the water mains because it can impair water quality.


  • Fire Hydrants - Fire hydrants in Henrico County are the responsibility of the County's Department of Public Utilities (DPU). They Perform all installation, maintenance and testing of hydrants.
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